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Proximal - Feral druid application

Apply to join Out of range
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Proximal - Feral druid application

Post by Proximal »

Personal Info:
Where are you from? Sweden, but live and study in Romania since 10 months
Age? 22

Game information

Ingame Name: Proximal

Race: Taurent

Class: Druid

Level: 80

Time played? Type /played ingame: 100 days and 4 h. (19+ days on lvl 80)

Professions: Herbalist/Alchemist Maxed

Do you have any rare patterns (not that important but always nice)? Just standard potion and flasks

Talent build (better be good or we will tell you to change): Dual Spec. Tank and Feral dps. Standard tanking talents. Open to suggestions.

What is your usual play time?: I usually adjust after the guilds raiding schedule.

IF you are DPS class, what is your usual dps in 25man: Well been doing some naxx25 and OS25 as pure dps. 4-5k dps overall and 5k+ on most bosses. Fully buffed etc. Around 4-5k normaly.

Got Ventrilo and working sound so you can actually listen to what is said? Yes, but depends on the users mic :)

Got enough money to respec and willing to do it? Yes, I'm willing to discuss my talents and change if needed.

Previous Guilds: I moved from Bladefist some months ago with my irl friend Ulash(shaman) to join The Ten. He had an old friend of his on this server. But things didnt work out and we both joined some casual raiding guild.
I joined a Swedish guild named <Chaotic Plague> I did everything until 3D. Guild disbanded just before Ulduar release.
Been guildless from there. I begun lvling my alt Sheraz (DK) and had it as main for a while.

Have you have any raiding experience?: Yes I was semi hardcore raider in TBC. I was in a guild names <SYNTAXX ERROR> in my original server Al'Akir (before free migration to bladefist) and was doing progress raids. Kara/Magy/Gruul/SSC 3-4 bosses and 2 bosses in TK. Unfortunately I had some irl stuff to take care (moving to Romania and begin my studies) so I said goodbye and left the guild and stopped WoW.
Begun again when WotLK kicked in and been raiding with <Chaotic Plague> untill 3D. And also been doing some Ulduar with my DK in <DAWN> (progress raids). Mostly 25 man. Have exp from 3 first bosses and some wipes on Ignis (before fix) <DAWN> disbanded and most of the player vent to Destination.

Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you? Not rly. I know Nubje from my friend Ulash, but not personally. I may have raided some PuG or hcs with some OOR members, but nothign worth Vouching :)

Profile: Im sorry Armory lagging atm, will post links asap. my character: Proximal(main) and Sheraz (alt) both on TN

Other stuff
I want to join OOR because I know that it is a good guild. And I want to a part of that. I would like to describe myself as open-minded and dedicated person. Open to suggestion and a good team player. Always try improve myself and the work I'm doing. Help guildies and make the guild better in anyway that I can.

Some screenies of my UI. ... 230239.jpg

Edit: ... n=proximal ... r&n=sheraz

/Best regards Proximal
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Post by lusi »

was a nice dps as dk sheraz, dunno hows druid tho, gogo
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Post by Proximal »

tnx lusi, totally forgot you were in OOR also :)

PS. I know the recruit status on feral druid is low on you forums, but I'm giving it a chance anyway.
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Post by Fandango »

Nice App :)
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Post by Imize »

Ive played naxx with thsi guys alt! Sheraz! :)
Really nice guy, he knew what to do and most important he wasent a jackass like many players are theese days, or as two of thoose in our naxx 10man group ;)

havent seen his druid though so cant say much about that part.

Nice seeing your apply!

Imize / Zeetah / Toulouse :)
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Post by Aussie »

yes , it has more text and colors, shows he spend atleast 5 more mins than the others on his app meaning this applicant is atleast 15x more better than the other ones

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Post by Proximal »

Hai zeetah, nice to see you main.
didnt knew du var svensk:)
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Post by hujedamej »

if u´re willing to tank and not only be a dypswh**e and rotate the raidspot with me as ot u got my vouch ;)
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Post by Proximal »

Hey Narunaru, I have around 26kHP in normal form with my tank gear, but that's with agi/Crit, dps enchants. I Can get 27k+ if i go full tank enchant. So i guess thats enought for OT trash in Ulduar:)

If the guild needs feral tank, I'm up for that. Been tank my whole life (OT) so its no problem for me. And I'm aware that it can be problematic to fit whole guild in a 25 man raid, so rotate players isn't any problem for me.

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Post by Leafmealone »

Accepted on Trial.

Whisper someone for an invite.
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Post by Nubje »

Friend of a friend. I once spotted him logging on to his friends char to steal some money to pay for a respec :D

I like you, good luck!