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Joda, x-realm rogue

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Joda, x-realm rogue

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General information
Where are you from?: Croatia
Age (better be old enough to pay for your own account)?: 15, but you'll never see me offline becouse my prepaid ran off, credit card 4tw;)

Game information
Ingame Name: Joda
Race: Troll
Class: Rogue
Level: 70
Time played: 116 days 16hours 34minutes
Professions: Mining (316) jewelcrafting (90), used to have blacksmithing and tier2 crafted sword, but kinda like the gladiator oh sword more;>
Do you have any rare patterns?: Not realy atm.
Talent build: 16/31/4 atm, bit PvP wise, but i can respecc to anything you want, since I have epic weapons for every rogue dps spec;)
What is your usual play time?: Everyday from 14.30 to 01.00, more if I dont feel sleepy, but since school is near the end, that playing time will be quite bigger;)
Can you follow our raidschedule, and don't have to kiss your mommy 10 minutes each hour?: Yeah I can.
Got Ventrilo and working sound so you can actually listen to what is said? Got vent, got mic & got good speakers.
Got enough money to respec and willing to do it? I have enough gold to respecc every day if you want, and I'm willing to spec anything I am asked to.
Previous Guilds: Nada on chromaggus, which used to be 3rd best guild on chromaggus, after TBC came ppls started to gquit and slack, as so I left it too and joined Panacea..There we had nice progress, were first guild to clear karazhan, 2nd to kill gruul.Then the dark days came, GM left the guild, ppls transfering, and we were hold up on magtheridon..Now the time has come for me to transfer too (with my irl friend who will be transfering here too) and find a better home here.
Have you have any raiding experience?: Pre-tbc full mc/bwl/aq to c'thun, naxx 4 bosses, TBC- full karazhan, gruul, magtheridon and first ssc boss.
Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?: Dont think so, since im comming from chromaggus, no one will know me for few weeks..

Attuned to Karazhan?: Yes
Attuned to SSC?: Yup
Attuned with heroic instances?: Got every heroic key;)

Profile (Allakhazam/CT/Armory): ... gus&n=Joda

Other stuff
Why do you want to join us (impress!)?:
I want to join becouse I was allways an hardcore player.. Panacea (my guild on 'maggus) is starting to slack, and that isnt guild I want to have.If you chose me you'll get one fine rogue, who can always stay on overtimes at raids if needed, who can do fine dps and who can be adorable.
Any other thing you want us to know?
Theres nothing much left to say, as I already noticed I'm on chromaggus atm, I'm transfering here in hope for finding new hardcore guild, which has good progress with serious and yet funny people inside it.
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