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Destruction Warlock!!!

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Destruction Warlock!!!

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Where are you from?: Im from Sweden, living in Skåne.
Age (better be old enough to pay for your own account)?: Im 18 years old.

Game information
Ingame Name: Blodshare
Race: Blood elf
Class: Warlock
Level: 76 currently lvling highspeed
Time played? Type /played ingame:20days on this char about 50 on another
Professions: Tailoring and enchanting
Do you have any rare patterns (not that important but always nice)?: Nope
Talent build (better be good or we will tell you to change): ... =Blodshare
What is your usual play time?:3-5 hour week and 4-7 weekends
Can you follow our raidschedule, and don't have to kiss your mommy 10 minutes each hour?: yes!
Got Ventrilo and working sound so you can actually listen to what is said? Yes
Got enough money to respec and willing to do it? Yes
Previous Guilds: IMA SNIPE U, Nordic gamers (currently), Fallout, played ally before so havent been in so many with blodshare yet.
Have you have any raiding experience?: with blodshare kara/ZA/Gruul and with my ally char all the way up to TK/MH.
Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?: Donnu :P

Profile (Allakhazam/CT/Armory):
Currently lvling gear and dungeon gear.

Gear Manual Template (not needed if you got a profile, witch you should have)
Head: Wastewind Headcover
Neck: Ritssyn's lost Pendant
Chest: Gladiators felreave raiment
Wrist: Bands of nefarious needs
Hands: Time- Twisted wraps
Belt: alystrou's plyme cinch
Legs: Trousers of oblivion
Rings: Activist signet of blasting / Band of glittering permafrost
Trinkets: Strike of the seas / Icon of silver crescent
Main & Offhand: Tower of the infinity mind
Gun & Bow:

Other stuff
Why do you want to join us (impress!)?: Im looking for a raiding guild who wants to get far in wotlk, wich have a good structure on their players where everyone has a place and know what to do on the raids and what to bring. As far as i seen your guild has these recuirements and will make good progress in the future, so thats why i wanna be a part of it. also that you are seeking Warlocks wich gave me an oppotunity to join :) Thx for me, you're friend blodshare. :D
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