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Solictice - Enhancement shaman

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Solictice - Enhancement shaman

Post by Solictice »

here is my application :)

General information
Name: Jochem van Waarde
Where are you from?: The Netherlands
Age (better be old enough to pay for your own account)?: 16 years and i pay my own account ofc

Game information
Ingame Name: Solictice
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman, i used to be resto as mainspec but im sick of that, so im applying as enhance. If you need healers though in raids i can be resto for offspec
Level: 80
Time played? Type /played ingame: 46 days, 22 hours, 6 minutes and 11 seconds
Professions: Inscription and going to level a second one, not sure which
Do you have any rare patterns (not that important but always nice)?: nope
Talent build (better be good or we will tell you to change): enhance : 16/58/0
What is your usual play time?: +- 4 hours /day
How many times a week you can raid?: well unfortunatly i have to work each tuesday and thursday evening, so i can raid wednesday/sunday's and fridays mostly to

IF you are DPS class, what is your usual dps in 25man: 4k+ dps, in my old guild was most times in the top5

Got Ventrilo and working sound so you can actually listen to what is said? yep ofc and TS to
Got enough money to respec and willing to do it? yeah i have
Previous Guilds: Bad Kittys, yes alliance, i used faction changer yesterday (friday) so im all new on the horde side
Have you have any raiding experience?: yep, naxx 25, eoe25, OS25 (without drakes though), uld 10 &25 up to vexas and yogg, and TotC10 and 25 cleared
Is there anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?: nope since im new as horde i dont know anyone at the moment. hope that i was alliance isnt a reason to decline me.

Profile (Allakhazam/CT/Armory): ... =Solictice

Other stuff
Why do you want to join us?: because you guys match me the most of all guilds here. and what i read you guys got the same sence of humor to xD

Any other thing you want us to know?: 1. Im an ex alliance xD 2. i work tuesday and thursday evening till 11 oclock.
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Post by Leafmealone »

Unfortunatley Oor are taking a break from raiding at this time.

Feel free to apply back when someone decides to take over the guild :)
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Post by Solictice »

ahh k, that sucks ;(

guess ill try an other guild then:(